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Orange Coast Computer - New and Used Computer Equipment Orange Coast Computer - New and Used Computer Equipment

Recent Release of IBM Short-Term Off-Lease iSeries Means You Save an Incredible 40%!

Imagine getting a like-new IBM iSeries that is only six months old. Well now, due to the special IBM short-term lease and rental agreements made since April 2004, a limited quantity of these red-hot 9406-520 i5's are now available at unreal prices - and we have them ready to ship.

Depending on the configuration, and IBM Global Financing (IGF) off-lease 9406-520 can be 40%+ off IBM list price. That means based on your selection of processor and features your savings could range from $10,000 to $40,000. It's a great time to make to most of your IT budget.

Depending Upon Your Current System, You May Be Able To Get These Systems Virtually For "Free"!!!

Since the 9406-520 i5 has a very low cost of operation - 30-50% less than a 9406-270, 820, 810 or 825 -- the savings alone can pay your lease payment on your like-new system.

Buying Short-Term, Off-Lease IS Just Plain SMART!

Here are four reasons why savvy companies get big savings:

Smart Reason #1 - Off-Lease IGF equipment comes directly from IBM Global financing. This IBM Certified Equipment is factory reconditioned and tested to IBM specifications. This means it is virtually the same as new.

Smart Reason #2 - IGF Off-Lease Equipment Qualifies For Full IBM Hardware and Software Support. So you get the same great IBM support and eliminate the hassle of dealing with computer brokers using third party maintenance companies.

Smart Reason #3 - Off-Lease Equipment Arrives Packaged and Banded by IBM…so you are guaranteed a pristine system - just like new.

Smart Reason #4 - IBM supports their equipment for a minimum of seven years. This means that when IBM introduces a new line of systems, IBM sets a specification - including parts, software, firmware and performance-that will be supported for 7+ years. Unlike Dell that changes circuit and parts daily, in contrast, IBM uses the same circuit boards for up to 6-7 years. Therefore, your 9406-520 circuits will be the same or better than those introduced the first day the system was announced. So when you choose IBM certified equipment, it is as if it just came from the IBM Rochester plant!

Get an IGF off-lease 9406-520 i5 and save BIG!

Get the latest and greatest features, and the same safety and support for almost half the cost - But you must act now.

Call 714 437-9406 to reserve your 9406-520 from this limited supply*.

*Important Note: Systems vary from 6-18 months old.


Bob Guzzo
Orange Coast Computer
IBM iSeries Certified for Sales and Technical
(714) 437-9406

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