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Orange Coast Computer - New and Used Computer Equipment
Orange Coast Computer - New and Used Computer Equipment Orange Coast Computer - New and Used Computer Equipment
Consulting Services

Building relationships has long been a keystone at Orange Coast Computer. Our solution-oriented team collaborates with you to map out current and future data processing requirements. This important step saves you time and money. Orange Coast Computer offers a variety of consulting services. How much revenue do you lose when your system is down? Are you worried about improper installation? Do you have infrastructure in place to recover from a disaster? Our account executives have the experience, knowledge and understanding to analyze and implement you business critical needs.

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Data Center Moves
Changing or consolidating data centers requires equipment to be taken offline during a move. In many circumstances, downtime is not possible. Orange Coast Computer (0CC) can supply identical system configurations for data center moves, as well as upgrade components so you can perform technology upgrades during the move.

It is a real test of information technology project management and the department's skills to be able to maintain a company's critical operations during such a delicate process-so let Orange Coast Computer make it easier. Whether you need server consolidation or any other service, we can help you design, configure, implement and optimize your new center to be more productive than ever. We have a proven success record with data center moves, and can help you through the entire process-from design to re-launch.

Information Technology Project Management
Staying current with equipment documentation is an often overlooked area for many companies. As part of our data center move service, OCC can help you recertify your equipment and get your documentation back to the level it should be. The best thing about Orange Coast Computer is that we take complete ownership of a move project from inception to execution.


Disaster Recovery Services
Disaster Recovery - Are you ready?

When a disaster strikes, equipment availability and quick delivery and key components of any business' disaster recovery strategy. While a Hot-Site offers the foundation to begin your IT disaster recovery plan, it is expensive and does not make business sense for your entire IT infrastructure. Realistically, companies need a tiered solution to match the different recovery time objectives (RTOs) of each business unit and each application.

"Maintaining Business Continuity in the Event of Disaster - Do your Existing Quick-Ship Disaster Recovery Plans Measure Up?"

Orange Coast Computer Disaster Recovery Services offer a complete DR solution. Our disaster recovery server solution is a flexible package of services you can tailor to the specific needs of a given location, application or system configurations to ensure you get the equipment you need, where and when you need it. Choose from these 3 customizable solutions:

  • Platinum - High Availability Replication - Choose this solution to build a replicated environment at the datacenter of your choice before disaster strikes.
  • Gold - Set-Aside Quick Ship Services - Provided as either a one-to-one or shared solution, the equipment is stored at our warehouse or your data center of choice, to be installed and restored at the time of disaster.
  • Silver - Quick Ship Services - Used to complement existing Tier I & II server disaster recovery solutions like those above, this solution provides 2-5 day RTOs depending on equipment type.
Disaster Recovery Testing

Orange Coast Computer's (OCC) rental program provides and excellent IT Disaster Recovery testing solution. We can supply enterprise class, OCC certified hardware from virtually any manufacturer for as short as one week or as long as 12 months. Test your business continuity or IT recovery plan using Orange Coast Computer disaster recovery testing environment and save your budget for real disasters. We support IBM iSeries and IBM pSeries.


High Availability Implementation
Minutes of system downtime can cause companies to lose thousands and sometimes million of dollars. Our Services Specialist will customize your system to your specific needs. We will coordinate and plan the implementation of your high availability clusters to ensure complete access to your business-critical data and applications during system maintenance or in the event of unexpected outages.

Hardware Implementation
Integrating your new hardware components with your existing system couldn't be easier with Orange Coast Computer's certified technicians just a phone call away. Our certified technicians will implement your new hardware to be sure it is compliant with your current IT systems, so your business never misses a beat.


Orange Coast Computer (OCC) professional staff can take care of the installation and configuration for your server, operating system or other hardware or software products. Our technicians will work with you to be sure you are comfortable with all configurations and customization. You can also count on OCC for the installation of additional components to your IT center.


Leasing and Rental
Orange Coast Computer offers both rental and leasing options to help you better manage your IT resources.


Depend on Orange Coast Computer when it comes to your Networking challenges. Do you need to create a network? Are you looking to enhance your current infrastructure? Would an upgrade serve you better in the long run? Our professional staff will analyze your existing network, evaluate potential inefficiencies and provide a solution to streamline your operations.


Technical Support
For almost two decades Orange Coast Computer has been providing technical support. Our responsive support team is available for installation of new systems, troubleshooting and upgrades. Give us a call. We are ready to help.

Contact your Account Executive for additional information about Storage Area Network (SAN), System Administration and Performance Health Check and Tuning.


Storage Area Network (SAN) Services
SAN Assessment, Design and Planning Workshop
The ability to store and retrieve information safely is critical to business success. Orange Coast Computer's trained SAN specialists who will coordinate the assessment, design and planning of a fully integrated SAN storage solution. A trained SAN specialist will meet with customers to identify SAN objectives, determine a storage strategy and set expectations. We will create, design and document the logical and physical SAN designs.

SAN Implementation Services
The Implementation, Validation and Operation services offering will take the SAN Assessment, Design and Planning Workshop to the next level. With this service we will acquire, inspect, document and implement the components recommended in the workshop. We will install, configure and validate the operational SAN plan and provide a SAN site document workbook.


System Administration
Orange Coast Computer (OCC) provides training and direction in setting up your initial System Administration tasks, such as adding users and system troubleshooting. When you work with OCC, you can be secure in the knowledge that a certified professional will be available to provide follow-up support for your System Administration tasks and responsibilities, and help you maintain its daily operation.


Performance Health Check & Tuning
In order to keep your network running at optimal performance levels, our professional staff will review and monitor your system configuration using standard monitoring tools. Analysis results will then be reviewed with you and any shortfalls will be noted and discussed.


Orange Coast Computer - New and Used Computer Equipment Orange Coast Computer - New and Used Computer Equipment
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