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Orange Coast Computer - New and Used Computer Equipment Orange Coast Computer - New and Used Computer Equipment

OS400-Based Imaging - Real Vision Imaging (RVI)

A Better Way to Deal with Paperwork - That Actually Pays for Itself!

Finally, a full function Document Imaging and Workflow Solution with Rapid Deployment and ROI - so You Can Respond Faster with Less Paper.

RVI combines all the major functions of DOCUMENT IMAGING, REPORT CAPTURE, INTERNET ACCESS, and WORKFLOW into one powerful AS400 based imaging solution. RVI offers quick, enterprise-wide access to your important documents which will help improve your responsiveness, increase worker productivity, improve business processes, and deliver significant cost savings to your bottom line.

Discover What 1000+ Customer Already Know - Speedy Access to Electronic Documents Anywhere and Anytime.

The RVI solution is installed in 1000+ customers and has been implemented across a wide variety of industries and applications. Customers are using this solution to electronically capture, archive, manage, secure, and deliver all types of business documents, including paper documents, color photos, PC documents (like word processing or spreadsheet files), faxes, reports, invoices, statements, and even audio-visual files. The idea is to create an electronic process to allow secure access to your business information to anyone over the Internet or in your office facilities at anytime and from anyplace they need it.

One Powerful Solution - At One LOW Price

The RVI Complete System incorporates all the elements of imaging into one powerful solution. Some of the standard features within the RVI Complete System include advanced workflow, report distribution, PDF document delivery, internet access, portals enablement, redaction, highlighting, image print, e-mail, fax and many other state of the art functions.

RVI has true cost containment with CPU based pricing and no additional workstation or user fees. This unique pricing allows the RVI imaging solution to grow from the initial imaging project with a few users to an enterprise wide solution covering thousands of users without any additional user fees.

Broad Fit for a Wide Range of Businesses and Needs

RVI offers a complete Content Management solution for any type of industry. From accounting and distribution to E-commerce and customer relationship management, RVI can expand to accommodate your business growth. As an RVI customer, you will appreciate the functionality and value that the RVI solution has to offer.

Document Imaging is to Paper What Email is to Letters - a Faster, More Efficient Way of Doing Business

Our clients have found our powerful Document Imaging and Workflow solution surprisingly affordable, easy to use and fast to install with a rapid ROI. It can even pay for itself in as little as 3 months! Because it is OS400-based, it includes the best content security in the business.

Our 7-minute assessment may show you a payback in 12 months or less!


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Orange Coast Computer
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