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Document Imaging

Taking the Paper Out of Paperwork

Up to 500% ROI is Just 12 Months


  1. Faster access to key documents (in a matter of seconds)
  2. Tight links to your current computer system makes it way easier for your staff to get their work done - faster
  3. Workflow to sends the right documents to the right person - right away
  4. Secure browser access so the right people can see the right stuff - anywhere, anytime
  5. No misplaced or misfiled documents
  6. Critical files are protected with backup and disaster recovery
And our solution runs on mainstream IBM technology you already have so you don't have to learn or staff to support new database technology.

Real Vision Software (RVI) - the Leader in System i Document Imaging

Real Vision Software (RVI) Success Stories:

Document Imaging and Workflow

All "Hype" or Are You Missing Something?
We all know that the escalating compliance requirements and proliferating paperwork related to your key business processes needlessly consume clerical effort and administrative expense. But recent technology can slash these expenses while simultaneously improving workflow and performance.

Welcome to a better way to deal with paperwork - that actually pays for itself!

With Document Imaging and Workflow that integrates to IBM iSeries (AS400) applications, we have been able to help our clients:

  1. Satisfy compliance and security requirements,
  2. Reduce the volume of paper,
  3. Streamline their processes,
  4. Dramatically improve document retrieval and transmission,
  5. Incorporate forms design,
  6. View documents via Windows or Browser,
  7. Save on physical storage space and expenses,
  8. Cut the cost of microfiche, and
  9. Eliminate lost records and out-of-file problems

Document Imaging is to paper what email is to letters - a faster, more efficient way of doing business.

Our clients have found our powerful Document Imaging and Workflow solution surprisingly affordable, easy to use and fast to install with a rapid ROI. It can even pay for itself in as little as 3 months!

What can Document Imaging software do for you?

Good question, easy answer. Our products solve problems. They make your life easier. They allow you to do away with all that paper and the hassle of storing and manually distributing it.

Now, instead of manually filing and distributing paper documents, you can scan and electronically store, manage and distribute paper documents, faxes, existing electronic reports, emails, images, audio and video files - all from an easy-to-use GUI (Windows and/or Web-based) application.

With our indexing, OCR and barcode tools, finding and managing documents has never been easier. It all adds up to less paper use, lower storage and postage costs, and increased productivity. What that means is you save time and money and help your company reach its potential by focusing on customers instead of paperwork.

And with our products you can achieve secure and instant Web-based access to the documents, reports and files you need, all while increasing your productivity and decreasing paper, postage and storage costs.

What's more, our solutions seamlessly integrate into existing applications to create a single point of access to all your critical business information.

Because it is iSeries-based, it includes the best content security in the business.

A Free 7-Minute Phone Assessment can show you how to save $50,000 - $100,000 in your first year of implementation. Our 7-minute assessment may show you a payback in 12 months or less!


Bob Guzzo
Orange Coast Computer
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