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Discover the Hidden Savings of This Little Giant: The IBM 9407-515

9406 -720/820/810 Users Can Save $20,000 - $40,000+3

515 Supports Unlimited Users

The 3800 CPW IBM 515 has been tremendously enhanced since April 2007 announcement. Initially limited to a maximum of 40 users, IBM has expanded the number of users several times. In July 2007, IBM formally offered unlimited concurrent users for the 515!

Get a Huge Performance Boost

4 Perhaps you are like most of our iSeries and AS400 clients. You have between 40-120 users running standard RPG programs with 25-60 CPW for 5250 interactive jobs and 150-500 CPW for traditional batch jobs.

Now You Can Consider a 9407-515 Instead of the More Expensive 9406-525

A 9407-515 with (6) 70 GB disk units (that means 6 access arms) with RAID protection will effectively give you between 600 to 900 CPW*, in most cases an increase of 260% - 3200% in performance. This means virtually no discernable interactive latency. An hour batch job will finish in less than 20 minutes. In most cases, this is more than enough performance to satisfy your predictable processing needs for the next 5+ years.

Save BIG -- $30,500+

The reason for such big savings is straightforward. The 515 is substantially less expensive than the 525. Generally, a 50-user based 525 runs about $63,000, depending on memory, tape backup and other features. A similarly configured 50-user based 515 runs about $32,500, about $30,500 less!

A 515 Can Pay For Itself in Months

If you are like many of our 9406-620, 720 or 820 clients, you pay IBM about $7,000 to $12,000 per year in hardware maintenance. You also pay IBM about $4,000 to $20,000 per year for IBM software maintenance, depending on your software tier (P10, P20, P30, etc). That's about $11,000 to $32,000 per year.

So, for the IBM support dollars you already spend, you could almost buy a new IBM 515.

* To be clear, each disk in the OS400 subsystem gets about 100-150 CPW per disk access arm. This means a server with 6 disk units gets about 600-900 CPW, depending on the workload. We have charts from IBM Rochester to clarify this point

First Year IBM Support is Free

The first year the 515 hardware and software support is included in the price, so you save the $11,000 to $32,000 you would otherwise pay for IBM support.

The Savings Get Getter

The IBM 515 annual hardware maintenance is generally about $1,500, since the 515 is a P05 software tier. IBM annual software support is about $1,300. That's $2800 per year of additional savings. Over 5 years the 515 can save you $32,000 to $116,800

One Size Does Not Fit All

However, we realize that the 9407-515 may not be right for everyone.

As we mentioned, the 515 is limited to (8) disk units. Also, it is not designed for an expansion chassis or certain HSL peripherals.

Proper analysis of your environment, your application workload and your future software plans need to be considered.

However, if you are like a lot of iSeries /AS400 users with predictable requirements, the 515 is a perfect fit.

Just 7 Minutes Needed to Get Your IBM 515/ 525 System i for FREE!

So here's what we need to figure out what you can save:

  1. Give me a rack configuration or your server model and serial number.
  2. What is your annual maintenance bill?
  3. What do you pay for yearly software maintenance?
  4. Do you pay for any extra software support to any other software suppliers?
  5. What is your current system performance (CPW rating, job mix, etc.)?
  6. How many users do you have? What kind of work do they do?
  7. What critical batch jobs, nightly routines and month-end processing do you have?
Give us this information and together we can show you how to get your i5 for FREE in less than 7 minutes!

P.S. This new 515 will process your applications up to 32x faster and cost you less than your current AS400. A lot less!

Imagine a 1-hour report created in less than 15 minutes-or a month-end process that may take up to 8 hours… complete in less than 90 minutes. Experience a 6-hour nightly routine and backup done in 1.5 hours. Maybe even faster.


Bob Guzzo
Orange Coast Computer
IBM iSeries Certified for Sales and Technical
(714) 437-9406

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