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Orange Coast Computer - New and Used Computer Equipment Orange Coast Computer - New and Used Computer Equipment

Vault400: Get The Ultimate Protection for Less Than $10 a Day!

Vault400 is Surprisingly Affordable. Prices start for as little as 100 GB for less than $295 per month - less than $10 per day. (I don't think you can hire a computer operator to insert and remove a tape cartridge, verify tape save, catalogue, and store a tape that inexpensively.)

Strategic Business Benefits

  • Integrated solutions for full system restores
  • Automate backup and restore processes
  • Minimize or eliminate downtime
  • Solidify business continuity for your mission critical data
  • Increase security
  • Conform to regulations
Operational Benefits

  • Manage data growth (scalable)
  • Reduce IT staff time
  • High availability
  • Reduce points of failure
  • Increase reliability
Financial Benefits

  • Meet recovery timeframes
  • Reduce data exposure
  • Eliminate costly downtime expenses and business loss
  • Minimize capital expenditures
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Reduce IT staff time
  • Comparative operating expenses or savings
Vault400 Technology Broadly Accepted.

Since 1997, 8,500 customers have chosen and trust the Vault400 architecture based on eVault technology, with 98% customer satisfaction.

Here's what customers say:

"By the way, wanted to let you know that we really love the Vault400!!!! It has already saved us a couple of times and it is a million times easier than tape (and quicker as well from what we can see so far). We were even bragging to the guys at Mansfield about it. Not that we doubted it would be a quality product, since you guys have been a very valuable vendor for us, but I wanted to pass along our experience so far!"
Jeff Lutz, Director of IT, Crane Plumbing

"I am continuously amazed at the ways in which VAULT400 earns its keep. I performed a restore this afternoon that took a small fraction of the time that it would have taken me to locate the tape, load it, execute the command, and re-archive the tape," he explains. "In addition, the backup solution provided by VAULT400 is much faster and more robust and dependable than our old method. No more media errors, write protects, jammed-up job queries, or shuffling tapes to our offsite storage. The bottom line - less downtime, less effort, more peace of mind.".
Mike Lemon, IT, Corrpro Companies

"The only solution that supports our JD Edwards-based system and runs on an IBM iSeries server as well as other platforms"
-- Rich Huber, Director of Information Systems, Crescent Jewelers

"All things considered, it has been an effortless move to a smarter way of providing a more secure backup facility for the Bank."
-- Jack Buchold, Nevada Security Bank

"Your service provides immediate file recovery, which is critical for keeping our business running smoothly."
--Information Systems Administrator, American AG Credit FLCA, Inc.

"Your solution enabled us to leverage our existing infrastructure to get data offsite quickly without an elaborate staging process. We have been able to eliminate the time previously spent on tape management and minimize the inherent administrative errors."
-- Mike Hicks, Pręt ŕ Manger

Explosive data growth, IT consolidation, distributed environments, security challenges, employee demands, and compliance. You need experts you can trust.

Whether it's high availability for rapid recovery, email and instant messaging monitoring and archiving for regulatory compliance, or the simplicity and flexibility of centralized or online backup, we have the right solution for companies that are serious about protecting business-critical data.

I urge you to call NOW

Don't wait and gamble. You may be vulnerable to permanent data loss or expensive downtime…or more. With Vault400's low cost and superior technology, you can protect your business from unexpected downtime NOW. We'll give you the straight scoop and help you determine if Vault400 is right for your business in less than 7 minutes - I promise!


Bob Guzzo
Orange Coast Computer
IBM iSeries Certified for Sales and Technical
(714) 437-9406

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