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Vault400: Finally, a way for businesses with limited resources to deal with all these potentially disastrous scenarios

The Vault400 system is really very straightforward. It is an online data backup and disaster recovery system for the IBM System i (iSeries/AS400) and most other platforms, including Intel (Windows), UNIX and Linux.

Vault400 can cost about 70 to 80% LESS than typical High Availability applications and can provide long-term data retentions that are available online around the clock, all year long. Its design is safe and secure as well as brilliantly conceived to protect your critical data - and their user list includes major Fortune 500 companies as well as small to mid-size companies.

Here are four Key Advantages of Vault400:

  1. Disk-to-Disk Backup Eliminates Manual Intervention
    For starters, Vault400 utilizes disk-to-disk backup. This eliminates labor-intensive manual and error-prone tasks that are associated with traditional tape backup solutions.

  2. Saving Changed Data Minimizes Backup Time
    Vault400 incorporates an innovative "Delta" technology. This technology minimizes the amount of data that needs to be sent offsite, while achieving the equivalent of a full backup every time. At regular intervals that you set, the Agent "wakes up" at the assigned time and analyzes the data file changes that occurred since the previous backup, including changes to all native objects, DB2 databases, IFS data and system data. By leveraging Delta technology, the iSeries Agent is able to significantly reduce backup times compared with traditional tape-based solutions.

  3. Compression Shrinks Amount to Send Off-Site Data Vault and Transfer Time
    Next, the native saved changes are compressed so less data needs to be transferred to the remote offsite vault.

    Further, backups can be configured in parallel streams to allow better utilization of system resources, resulting in faster backup times. Parallelization can also be achieved on restore, allowing faster restore times when compared with twin traditional tape-based offsite backup solutions.

  4. Encryption Protects Critical Data Transferred, Vaulted and Retrieved
    Finally, Vault400 features over-the-wire encryption capabilities for increased security. This helps to ensure that your critical data is safe as it is transmitted and stored. Quite simply, Vault400 dramatically reduces the time required to perform the backup. It compresses the unique changes that are saved, and immediately transmits the data to an offsite secure data vault for recovery or testing.

Let's See How Vault400 Addresses the Backup Challenges

Disk-to-Disk to Remote Secure Data Vault. Because of Vault400's innovative architecture, there are no problems commonly associated with:

  • Tape media life,
  • Tape media fragility,
  • Tape drives limited life,
  • Mislabeled or misplaced tapes; or
  • Tape recovery strategies.

Access a File, a Program or Your Entire System. With Vault400, you can access any portion of your system at any time. If you need complete replacement, a complete copy of your system can be overnighted on a Quick Ship Mobile Vault (QSMV).

Get a Complete Replacement - Server and System - in 48 Hours. Vault400 provides an extra service to ship a replacement System i (iSeries/AS400) with your data configured to your specification within 48 hours of notification.

Moral: Now your data - and your budget - can be safe.

Let's discuss how you can easily and inexpensively avert tape disasters.


Bob Guzzo
Orange Coast Computer
IBM iSeries Certified for Sales and Technical
(714) 437-9406

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